The World Hatter Day in Moscow

Russia is a country of beautiful women. And who is a real woman without a hat? A hat makes of a woman to become a lady! The company «Lady's Chic» together with the president of the club «Millinery» Ekaterina Vologdina, with the support of the International «Chapeau» exhibition and the professional publication «Caps, hats, fur coats» held an unforgettable holiday in Moscow for designers, producers and hat lovers.

The designers of hats have long been patronized by Saint Catherine. Therefore, the World Hatter Day is always timed to the day of St. Catherine.

In the beautiful House of hats of Olga Makhova «Ladies' chic» a beautiful and elegant audience gathered who does not imagine life without a hat.

The holiday began with the lighting of a candle from St. Catherine's Monastery from Sinai.

Within the framework of this closed party, the First Professional Contest of Hatmakers was held. 10 original and well-known masters from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kirov and Belarus competed for the right to wear the title of «Best Modista». The contest was difficult. For 30 minutes, it was necessary to create a masterpiece from the blanks of hats that the company «Ladies' chic» had prepared. It should be noted that the competition was absolutely anonymous. The following venerable designers and fashion professionals judged this contest:

- Ekaterina Vologda – president of the club «Millinery», participant of the Fashion Week in Moscow

- Igor Shevchenko – director of the exhibition «Chapeau»

- Sergei Soroka – designer, member of the Union of Designers of Russia

- Sergey Sysoev – designer, member of the association of High Fashion and pret-a-porter of Russia

- Evgeny Denisov – artist, member of the Union of Artists of UNESCO

- Yuri Zalesov – artist of the company «Lady's Chic»

Summarizing of the contest’s results was delayed. It was very difficult to choose the winner. And yet, after a stormy debate, the jury passed a verdict.

1 place – Natalia Serdobova (Moscow)

2 place – Olga Horoshilova (Moscow)

3rd place – Elena Andreeva (St. Petersburg)

Congratulations and wish you further success!

The main prize – the collection show at the international exhibition «Chapeau».

The jury also noted the other contestants.

After the competition, the Gala-show was held, where not only designers, but the willing to demonstrate 2-3 images. Show captured so much that the guests came out on the podium, showing their hats.

It was a bright and fascinating holiday, where like-minded people, colleagues and friends gathered, with dances, with champagne, smiles and congratulations!

Unfortunately, the Hat House «Lady's Chic» could not accommodate all comers. But we hope that holding such a holiday will be a very good tradition. Rows of hat lovers replenish!

You are beautiful, smiling, and elegant. Are they looking back at you? You're in the hat!

Live with chic!