The first meeting of the Organizing Committee of the Interflora exhibition

The first meeting of the Organizing Committee of the Interflora exhibition

On January 18 2018, in Moscow, Gostiny Dvor in the restaurant "Saratov" the first meeting of the organizing committee of the exhibition "Interflora" - "Green City" was held. The specialists gathered actively discussed the main sections, thematic plans, formulations, a comprehensive work plan for the preparation of the exhibition and related events during the period of its work (business program).

Due to the fact that the exhibition received support from the RF Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services, the list of participants in the priority program "Building a Comfortable Urban Environment" is prepared by the organizer of the exhibition.

The main agenda of the meeting of the organizing committee was determining the "Concept of the Exhibition".

Ms Kanunnikova Larissa and Volftrub Taisiya shared their views on what is happening in the industry:


There is a big difference in the arrangement of different regions of Russia. A significant difference in policy in urban planning exists. For example, in Moscow, there is much demolition, while St. Petersburg is developing as a historical settlement. There are large cities, and urban residents, and there are rural regions that also require the arrangement and attention of architects.

Everything starts with the laws on improvement, since most money for the improvement comes from the budget. Therefore, the presence of officials at the exhibition and the plenary meeting is necessary to create a productive dialogue between them and private companies.

In addition to forming a dialogue with the legislative bodies, it is important to establish a conversation with producers. Now there is a demand for non-standard equipment, but there is no supply. It’s vital to show at the exhibition as many diverse children's and sports equipment as possible: to invite as many municipal districts as possible, to designate new federal norms for implementation, so that the Russian manufacturer and the consumer really get quality material and modern design. There is no choice of lighting, no approach to technology formation. Concerning the produced equipment, the phrases "archaic from the 50s", "industrialists who lag behind the needs of cities" were mentioned. The main criteria are design and technology.

The key criteria for creating a comfortable environment is the comfort of children. Also an important component of the arrangement of a comfortable environment is the creation of an infrastructure for the disabled. The most problematic group for today in terms of creating infrastructure is the visually impaired. There are no standards and the equipment necessary for their arrangement.

An actual line of improvement was the arrangement of yard territories. The cost of designing the yard is small, and many designers do not take this work due to low wages.

The topic of the development of gardening is not being properly addressed. Plant nurseries are now coming to life, but we still have a lot of efforts to ensure that stable progress exists. The ecological program of cities is not satisfied. It is necessary to invite professionals from Europe who know how to conduct greening of the city and possess better technologies of planting different plants.


Based on the results of the discussion, the participants came to the opinion that on the first day of the exhibition it is necessary to hold a plenary session: to involve the officials in the participation and dialogue, to focus on regions and producers, as well as to offer solutions to design issues.

Organizers in the near future are working out the details of the business program and exhibition. On the next org. the committee it is scheduled to finalize the timetable for the business program / jury, to evaluate the work, as well as the formation of lists of leading and well-known industry professionals required to attend the exhibition.