Post-release Chapeau&MosFur

August 20th is marked as the end of fifteenth anniversary season of the exhibition of hats and accessories Chapeau, which was hosted together with the 4-th annual salon of fur and leather fashion Mosfur.


For four days, the exhibition complex of the Gostiny Dvor traditionally guested more than 170 companies producing headwear, accessories, leather and fur products, international auction houses and business publishers - regular and new exhibitors of Chapeau and Mosfur. The debutants of the season were Vito Ponti and Wigens, participating along with key market players such as Panafics, Mexico, Ekaterina, Saga Furs, Accessories Fur, Leon Elite, Laska Fur Group, FurLand and Skiff.


Traditionally, several professional contests were held during the exhibition: "Chapeau headdress" (winner Marta Ananyan), "Imperial Style" (winner - "Zimos" company), Chapeau Fashion (winner Alexei Mikhailov), student contest Chapeau Fashion Start (winner Alexei Popov), festival of children's fashion theaters "Shapyonok" (winner - the fashion theater "Renaissance", Cherepovets), as well as the project "It’s all about the Hat", conducted in Facebook and Instagram (the winner - designer Sabina Gorelik). All competitions were judged by a jury which was composed of Vyacheslav and Yegor Zaitsev, Igor Gulyaev, Sergei Sysoev, Liya Gureeva, Sammy Kotwani, Elena Vyshinskaya and other experts.

The second day of the exhibition was completely devoted to the business program, main topics of which were education and career. The exhibitors and guests of the exhibition heard the speeches of the head of the Higher School of Stylistics Ivan Gulienko, HR consultant Olga Yakimova (with the support of, as well as participants in the public discussion about career development - Julia Zhizherina (lawyer on HR issues), Sammy Kotwani (head of the studio " Imperial Tailor ") and Vera Ivanova (editor-in-chief of the magazine" Fashion Magazin "). The discussion was moderated by the chief editor of ModernTrade.News Alexander Samyshkin.


VIP-guests and winners of the contests were awarded by prizes from exhibition partners: Imperatorskiy Portnoy, Element Family Spa, LEBOcoffee, Tsarskiy Pryanik, Sergeyev & Co (Chinese tea), Hotel Sanremo, Misha Lenn, Villa Vinifera, Centurial and "Kotofey". The exhibition was also supported by: Arlecchino, “Zolotaya igla” association, “Iskusstvo bez granirs”, Lyuzhena-Sharf, Sladkaya storona, “Chizhik” shipping company, 3D paintings, Magicprint, Medor, Brand Water, Pyshka, European Commonwealth League and Concept Catering. The strategic partners of the 15th season of Chapeau were the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Austrian trade mission WKO, the fashion house Slava Zaitsev and the TD "Shater".

Designer Contests CHAPEAU&MOSFUR August 17






 - Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Zaitsev, Moscow Fashion House “Slava Zaytsev”
 - Igor Gulyaev, designer, head of his name fashion house
 - Vera Ivanova, chief editor of “Fashion magazin” magazine
 - Tim Ilyasov, chief editor of “Fashionograf” magazine
 - Liya Gureeva, headwear designer
  - Sammy Kotwani, the head of “The Imperial Tailoring Co”

Contest “The Chapeau headwear”


1. Lydia Tskhovrebova “Preobrazhenie”
2. Tkacheva Valentina Grigorevna “Small Black Dress”
3. Abramkina Inna “A2”
4. Vasilyeva Irina “Ot Vinta”
5. Kaganets Anastasia "Teona Collection"
6. Ananyan Marta “Elza” (the contest Grand Prix)
7. Tatiana Dombrovskaya “Den Znanii”
8. Chugunova Natalya “Vyatskay Raduga”
9. Galina Volvenkina “Galá”

Contest “Imperial Style”

1. Новоторжская ярмарка и Зимос “Kosmos”(Winner)
2. Rich Star “Winter Charm”
3. Panafics Furs “Dreams” (Furrier of the year)
4. Black Glama

Contest “Chapeau Fashion”

1. Tatyana Kolser "Dressage"
2. Mishina Anastasia "Flowers and butterflies"
3. Smirnova Julia “Autumn pageantry”
4. Khoroshilova Olga, Serdobova Natalia fashion designer Lilia Gurova “Judge me”
5. Mikhailov Alexey “City elegant” (winner)