Collection "Time to Shine" by Irina Krutikova

On December, 13th in the Gallery of Arts of Zurab Tsereteli a grandiose presentation of the new delightful collection "Time to Shine" by the Russian designer Irina Krutikova took place.


Before the show, Irina Vladimirovna thanked everyone, who was involved in the creation of the collection. After the introductory words of the Russian Queen of Fur models came on the podium. Each model was presented to the guests of the show.


The collection "Time to Shine" was splendid. Each image, which was presented on the podium, caused a storm of applause.


Many thanks for the invitation to show, Irina Krutikova and Elena Dainovskaya, and for the opportunity to see the stunning collection with our own eyes!